Our amazing staff puts their heart into their work. We've built amazing friendships with our participants. We'd love to get you involved!

Want to get involved? You can contact Kim at kforester@hollisadams.org or call us at 317-489-0100 (Tuesday – Friday).



Program Director

Kim Forester is our AWESOME Program Director. She came to Hollis Adams Foundation with a great deal of experience working with adults with developmental disabilities as well as a degree in Special Education. She is all about empowering the participants and allowing them to choose activities that are meaningful and fun for them. She is incredible at adapting situations so that everyone can participate and have fun. The participants thoroughly enjoy her fun-loving personality and her ability to even make chores fun! The staff appreciates her wealth of knowledge, dedication, and calm demeanor. Kim loves her work, and it shows each and every day.



Admin/Program Staff

Anne first heard of HAF after learning about square dancing and water aerobics from other HAF members. Her daughter Elli enjoyed both events and they have been hooked ever since! When asked about her favorite experience at HAF, she said ’ I can’t think of any one big thing, but I always get rather choked up and teary eyed when our participants spontaneously give each other a hand, or offer comfort when someone is down …. They are also the most appreciative eaters in town, so it is great fun cooking for them. ‘She loves this foundation because the participants are unselfishly using their individual gifts to enrich each others’ and the staff members’ lives.  She loves to garden, sew, and knit-which definitely comes in handy at HAFriends because our participants love to learn from her. She is a proud grandma of three!


Elizabeth GRAVES

Account Coordinator

Elizabeth was an independent contractor for HAF and taught modified ball room dancing in HAFriends. We were so impressed with her, we hired her as regular staff! Elizabeth is a mother of a son with a disability and has an incredible talent at modifying every activity to make it work for everyone. Elizabeth uses her gentle nature to nurture each person’s individual talents. She challenges our participants to push themselves, but to have fun while doing it!


Jessica WYLER

Program Staff

Jessica was referred to HAF by a devoted stakeholder and father of an HAF participant. She has many family members with disabilities and grew up with a unique understanding of the needs of our participants. Jessica is an avid volunteer and is even a volunteer firefighter. Nothing phases her and she adds a calm balance to HAFriends.



Program Staff

Ashley is our “new-old” staff. After leaving to further her education, Ashley returned to HAF. We anxiously awaited her return and everyone was happy to have her back! As one of our former participants, Ashley has an intimate knowledge of the people and routines of HAF. She is a quiet and patient leader.


Jennifer MCNALLY

Program Staff