Q: What we do and why we do it?

We believe that friendship and access to the community adds meaning to everyone's life.  We make our friends through our work, school, church, and neighbors.  Many adults with developmental disabilities do not have those resources.

All of Hollis Adam' programs are designed to create meaningful opportunities for adults with disabilities  to engage their community and nurture lifelong friendships.

Q: Who can participate in Hollis Adams programs?

Our programs are open to adults with developmental disabilities.  Hollis Adams participants should be able to use the restroom and feed themselves independently, or have someone with them who can provide assistance.

We want our programs to be available to as many people as possible, so if you are not sure if you or your loved one would qualify, contact us, and we will see if we can make it work!

Q: Do you accept Medicaid or other government funding?

No.  We fund all of our programs through donations, grants, fundraising events, and fees for service.  We believe that by not accepting government funding, we are able to adapt our programs to the needs and desires of our participants without having to contend with unnecessary red tape.

Q: How can I or my loved one get involved in Hollis Adams programs?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a participant with Hollis Adams!  Just click on "Become a Participant" and fill out our web form.  We will get in touch with you soon!

Q: How can I donate to Hollis Adams?

Thank you for considering a donation to Hollis Adams!  Just click on "donate", and you can make your gift today!

Your gift will allow us to help more adults with developmental disabilities connect with their community and develop lifelong friendships.