ABOUT: HAFriends


HAFriends fosters relationships in a respectful and caring environment by modeling and encouraging appropriate social habits. HAFriends focuses on interaction, connection, and fun!

Everyone gets to contribute ideas for activities, snacks, or outings. Freedom of choice is a top priority for us at HAF.

Before lunch, we enjoy a variety of activities including group discussions, art, music, exercise, board games, gardening, and sometimes visits from local art, music, and movement instructors. Participants help staff prepare lunch, clear up any activities, set the tables, and serve food and drinks to the group. Staff, participants, and any visitors spending a day volunteering or touring with HAFriends relax, visit, and eat together every day. Everyone assists in cleaning up their own dishes and prepares for their chosen afternoon activities.

After lunch, a group takes our bus on a pre-planned outing each day, ranging from a fun visit to the Rhythm Discovery Center, to an educational tour of the Southside Landfill, and contributing to our community volunteering for Meals on Wheels. Those who do not go on the day’s trip can enjoy a variety of free-choice activities.

We maintain a large supply room stocked with puzzles, games, exercise equipment, and arts and crafts supplies. Participants who prefer quiet activities can choose one of our satellite rooms adjacent to the main area to read a book, work a jigsaw puzzle, or just unwind before rejoining the group. Our building boasts a large, beautiful outdoor space including a patio, basketball hoops, flower and vegetable gardens, a playground, and a wide open field regularly used for picnics and kickball games. Our staff is dedicated to empowering our participants to make choices, develop skills, and interact with their peers and their world in meaningful – if sometimes messy, silly, and playful – ways.


HAFriends is offered weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays all year long from 10 am – 4 pm.


How much does it cost?

  • $100 per month – one day per week for the entire month.
  • $200 per month – two days per week for the entire month.
  • $300 per month – three days per week for the entire month.
  • $400 per month – four days per week for the entire month.

There is no need for extra money – lunch, activities, and one outing per week are included in the monthly fee!

Want to learn more about HAFriends?

Download our information packet for new participants or get in touch with us and we'll shoot you over some more information!

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What's on this week?

Download the Monthly Calendar here:
September 2021

Location: Spirit of Joy Church (Indy's northside)

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